Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy 7th Birthday Jeremiah!

 Jeremiah just turned 7 years old and is in first grade this year!  He is full of life and still full of lots of energy!  He loves to play outside and run and dig in the dirt.  He loves to be with friends and loves to talk and meet new people!  He looks at a playground and says, "I can't wait to meet new friends."  Jeremiah is getting good at helping around the house and shoveling snow for neighbors.  He loves to listen to a good audio book and loves to build with legos and play with anything.  The imagination is huge at this age.  We are thankful for this growing little boy.  

 On his birthday, we were supposed to have co-op but instead we had ice so they canceled most everything for the day.  Instead, we did school, took a snow ice hike with a penguin for penguin week.  And we enjoyed a hike with the cousins and some hot chocolate and cookies when we got back, even if we didn't have enough snow to sled.  So thankful for this little buddy!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Joel- 7 Months

 Little Joel at 7 months!  Some friends put his hair pretty easy into a mowhawk- poor boy.  
Joel is the only child so far to not jump in this jumper- he hasn't figured it out yet.  He just learned to sit up and loves to rock back and forth and loves sucking his two middle fingers.  He has figured out his voice and how to make funny noises and loves to grab for people's faces.  

Monday, January 29, 2018


 Jeremiah's first time playing Upward Basketball.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chinese Night

 Friday night was Chinese night!  Our curriculum was focusing on China and the Great Wall and the culture of China.  We decided to celebrate for family night.  We got some Chinese, used chopsticks and topped it off with watching Torchlighters video- The Gladys Alyward Story.   
It was so touching to think of how the Lord used this amazing single lady! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sledding and Snow...

 Some action shots of our week last week and this week sledding!  We have an amazing hill in the back of our house!  And we can't have a good sled ride without some hot cocoa and cookies afterward.  The cousins have gone a lot- who needs a lot of snow to sled.  And I am enjoying shoveling- I love a good shovel!!  Michael laughs at me when I hop out of bed in the morning and say, I am going to go shovel for 30 minutes.  :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

December Highlights...

 Trying to pick a Christmas tree that was way too expensive to cut down- so we went back to Home Depot and got it from there- cheaper but not as fun to cut down.

 Making gingerbread houses with some friends from co-op- so we used Graham crackers and decorated them- way easier!

 Making sugar cookies and decorating some ornaments- thankfully two sweet teen girls came over to help me make sugar cookies- literally, I could not have done it without them!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Flashback... 2017

We enjoyed spending time at Thanksgiving with extended family.  My parents came to visit us which was fun to have them here and to shop and get and decorate our Christmas tree with them.  The week of Thanksgiving, we focused on reading lots of Thanksgiving books and made cranberry orange bread to give to neighbors.  We enjoyed walking around and visiting with neighbors giving them our thankful treats!  Joely loved his first Thanksgiving and starting in December, I decided to start feeding him some baby food.

Reformation... 2017 flashback

I wanted to keep a record of our Reformation Day in 2017 as it was the 500th year this year!  We got to visit with a sweet friend from Cincinnati visiting the city.  The night before we went to a Trunk or Treat at a church nearby.  On Reformation day, October 31st, we hosted a Reformation Day party!  We hosted some friends for lunch and read The Life of Martin Luther- A Pop-Up Book.  We also thought about reading this book-  Martin Luther- A Man Who Changed the World. (this book was for a little older kids)  In the evening, we carved a pumpkin, lit it, popped popcorn and watched the Playmobile Martin Luther video as well as the Torchlighters Martin Luther video.  We loved celebrating the 500th birthday of Martin Luther and the Reformation.  Of course, we always have to sing "A Mighty Fortress is our God!"